Billie Eilish can’t go partying | Entertainment News

Billie Eilish can’t go partying | Entertainment News

Billie Eilish “can’t really go anywhere”.

The 19-year-old singer is teetotal and insisted people don’t need to worry about her going off the rails because she’s not got the opportunity to go to wild parties because of her fame.

She said: “I’m not out here going to parties and also I’m me, so I can’t really go…anywhere. But it’s okay!”

The ‘Ocean Eyes’ hitmaker admitted she used to had a “feeling of superiority” over her friends who would smoke and take drugs when they were younger.

She told the new issue of America’s Vanity Fair magazine: “When I was growing up and I was around my group of friends back then, and they would all be drinking and smoking and doing drugs and whatever, I think because of the way that my personality is—I’m a very strong-willed person, and I think at the time I was very alpha—I’m coming to realise that I may have felt a feeling of superiority.”

Billie has been left in “weird situations” by her devoted fans and had to enlist her team to speak with those queuing for meet-and-greet sessions before the coronavirus pandemic to ensure “boundaries” were in place.

She said: “[The devotion] makes you kind of crazy. We all know the feeling of seeing yourself and being like, What is going on with me, I’m acting insane.

“When you’re excited about something, you forget boundaries and you forget what’s polite and what’s kind of not polite. I’ve had a lot of weird situations—people will kiss me and pick me up, spin me around….

“It is definitely important to have the boundaries and also have people around you that can help in a situation like that.

“I never want to push away somebody that’s showing me only love. And even if it’s coming from a place of crazy love, I don’t ever want to push that too far away.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Bad Guy’ singer recently finished watching ‘The Office’ for the 15th time and she admitted it helps to take her “out of [her] thoughts” and relax.

She said: “I’ve got a lot going on in my head and my brain really can’t shut the f*** up unless there’s something else going on. It takes me out of my thoughts. And I like that it’s just, like, realistic shit. It’s the most average people’s lives, and I love that.”

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